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57 doubles

When playing with the Lahman database in MySQL the other day (what do you do with your spare time?), I generated a list of all of the players who have hit 55 or more doubles in a season. It turns … Continue reading

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Alomar versus Jeter, and the decline of the Yankees

Have you ever noticed how similar Roberto Alomar and Derek Jeter are as players? Take a look at their career averages per 162 games: Alomar: .300 AVG, .371 OBP, .443 SLG, 34 2B, 5 3B, 14 HR Jeter: .310 AVG, … Continue reading

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Runs scored in the Alleged Steroid Era

I was on the Internet today (I do that now and again), and somebody was asking: did the 1999 Indians have the most potent lineup of the last 25 years? I thought to myself, this looks like a job for … Continue reading

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Welcome (sticky post)

Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I’m Dave; I’m a technical writer, and I live in Toronto with my significant other and two cats with widely different degrees of shyness. I tend to write about baseball, weather, music, photography, retro pop culture, … Continue reading


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Pretend Tourist: Visiting the Eiffel Towers

Recently, I figured out how to get Google Street View on my iPad. (I’m a little slow sometimes.) And, even more recently, I realized that I can take screen captures of the pictures I find. Thus, a new feature: Pretend … Continue reading

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