Songs by determined suitors

I may have mentioned this lately, but I love watching old music videos. For example, consider Lou Christie’s 1969 hit song, “I’m Gonna Make You Mine”. It turns out that there are two old black-and-white videos for this song. The first features Christie in a junk yard:

In the second, Christie is at poolside, showing off considerable chest hair:

The question now becomes: who is that way off to the left?

This is a fun song, but I can’t help but think that its hero protagonist was a bit, um, determined. I can only hope that the object of his affections was receptive, and was not reacting as described in No Doubt’s “Spiderwebs”:

I tried to think of some other songs that feature over-determined suitors. Blondie’s “One Way Or Another” is one:

A fun Deborah Harry fact: before becoming the face of Blondie, she was a backing singer for a folk band named The Wind In The Willows. Apparently, their second, unreleased, album is now completely lost. I’ll bet that people looked rather hard for it once she became famous.

A random search turned up a Pete Townshend song called “Gonna Get Ya”, from 1980:

I didn’t listen to much of this, but I notice that the cover photo makes it appear as if Townshend’s head is surrounded by a Giant Nimbus Of Fire, or a flaming bracelet, or something.

This all reminds me of a song with a slightly different theme: the Angels’ “Wow Wow Wee (He’s The Boy For Me)”, from 1964, in which our heroine plays hard to get in order to win over a boy:

It’s been over fifty years now: I hope that they’re still happy.

By the way, Lou Christie should not be confused with Christie, a British band who topped the UK charts in 1970 with “Yellow River”.

I love this video because of the expression on the drummer’s face. Is he unhappy? In pain? Heavily medicated? Or is that just his normal facial expression? You decide.


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