2014 Blue Jays: Colby Rasmus

When I looked at Colby Rasmus’s numbers, one thing that jumped out at me was his strikeout rate: it’s going up. Here’s his strikeouts as a percentage of at bats in the last three years:

  • 2012: 23.8%
  • 2013: 29.4%
  • 2014: 33.0%

This suggests that either his skills are declining or pitchers are increasingly learning how to get him out. Either way, it doesn’t look good, especially considering that his defensive stats also appear to be getting worse. Who would have guessed, two years ago, that neither Rasmus nor Anthony Gose would end up being the Jays’ long-term choice in centre field?

Still, I will miss him – he was fun to watch. He made, um, non-businessy hair style choices. He had an interesting array of batting styles (discussed here, here, and here). He had an enjoyable, nonchalant way of signalling to the other outfielders that there were two out (a sort of casual underhanded sweep upwards, followed by the traditional signal of little finger and index finger extended). And, every now and then, he would go far to his right to make a fine running catch, or deposit a fastball way up into the second deck. He is now in Houston; since the Astros aren’t in the AL East, it’s easy to hope he succeeds in his new home.


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