The coldest month ever

Residents of Toronto are fully entitled to complain about the recent weather: February 2015 set a record in Toronto for the coldest month ever recorded (at least since the start of the 20th century). The average temperature was -12.6C, beating the previous record holder, January 1994, by over three-tenths of a degree.

Other fun facts about last month:

  • As mentioned in an earlier post, the temperature never went above freezing all month.
  • On February 15, the thermometer never went above -19.1C. This puts this day in the top ten list for coldest maximum temperatures in Toronto history. February 8, 1934 is the big winner in this department, if you want to call it that – the temperature never went above -25C.
  • There were 11 days in which the overnight low went below zero Fahrenheit.
  • This month’s coldest temperature was -25.5C – again, on February 15. This only ranked tied for 64th among the coldest days ever (along with January 11, 1982). The coldest temperature recorded in Toronto in recent history is -31.1C on January 4, 1981.

As a contrast, the warmest month in Toronto history is July 1921, when the temperature averaged almost 25.5C. Considering that most Torontonians did not have air conditioning then, I wonder whether they would have wanted to change places with us – after all, you can always bundle up to get warm.


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