One week in

It’s still too early to determine how the Jays’ 2015 season will go, but 4-2 is a very good start when facing the Yankees and the Orioles on the road.

The Jays’ radio broadcasters were in a rather odd head space early in the week. They spent the best part of an inning criticizing the Jays’ front office for not acquiring some experienced relief pitchers. While they were busy saying that a team full of young pitchers will never succeed, Roberto Osuna was efficiently retiring Yankee batters.

Of course, putting 20-year-old pitchers in the back end of your bullpen is a risk. (Osuna and Castro are not only younger than anyone else in the majors – they are younger than everyone in Class AAA baseball.) But I think I’ll wait until either of them gives up an earned run before I consider this experiment to be a failure.

One thing that is true in baseball is this: young players get better (or, at least, can get better) and old players can only hope to hang on to what they have. When looking at the Jays this week, I see young players getting better. Devon Travis is discovering that he actually is a major league second baseman. Dalton Pompey appears to be handling the center field job just fine. Kevin Pillar has realized that This Is His Moment, and is catching everything hit anywhere near him in left field.

Of course, some of the young Jays’ recent success is because they are new to the league. The opposition has not yet discovered their weaknesses, so they haven’t had to start the long process of adjusting to what pitchers are throwing them. I’m still not optimistic that the team will contend in the long run, but this has been a really good start.


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