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Songs with people’s names

Just for fun, I decided to look up as many songs as I could think of that had just a person’s name as their title. And it had to just be a person’s name: songs like Little Willy┬ádidn’t count, because … Continue reading

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Saruman Harper and the fate of the Conservative Party

When I think of Stephen Harper, I can’t help but think of Saruman from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy: a smart and knowledgeable man who uses his knowledge to further his own ambitions exclusively. “He knows our need, none … Continue reading

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Not what was intended

In case you might have forgotten, here is the starting lineup that the Blue Jays were hoping to put out on the field this year: C: Russell Martin 1B: Justin Smoak 2B; Devon Travis SS: Jose Reyes 3B: Josh Donaldson … Continue reading

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Corporate baseball owners

I think there are two problems with the Blue Jays’ ownership. One is with Rogers specifically, and the other is with the idea of a public corporation owning a baseball team. Regarding Rogers: anyone who has dealt with them or … Continue reading

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Songs with a theme

I’ve always been fascinated by songs by different artists with the same theme. For example, there are two songs that I know of about assassinating a famous (unnamed) political figure. First, there’s Peter Gabriel’s “Family Snapshot”: And then there’s “Seconds” … Continue reading


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One month in

The real question for Jays fans is this: are the 2015 Jays going to be like the 1992 Jays, or like the 1992 Tigers? It’s fairly obvious by now that this year’s Jays are going to score a boatload of … Continue reading

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