Saruman Harper and the fate of the Conservative Party

When I think of Stephen Harper, I can’t help but think of Saruman from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy: a smart and knowledgeable man who uses his knowledge to further his own ambitions exclusively.

“He knows our need, none better. Great service he could have rendered. But he has chosen to withhold it, and keep the power of Orthanc. He will not serve, only command.”

As he and his PMO attempt to consolidate their power and secure another majority, he must realize by now that his vision of transforming Canada into a perpetually conservative country will not outlast him. He is not capable of delegating or collaborating: instead of surrounding himself with intelligent advisers, he is served by attack dogs, toadies, and careerists. None of these seem able to take over as leader when Harper steps down.

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I'm a writer and occasional web designer. I live in Toronto.
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