June 2015 weather

I haven’t done any weather nerding in a while, so I updated my handy mySQL weather database and crunched a few numbers:

  • The mean temperature for June just past in Toronto was exactly 17.95 degrees. This ranks it 47th out of 116, or slightly cooler than normal but not alarmingly so. The coldest June on record was 1980, at 15.17C; the warmest was 2005, at 22.58C. 1949 and 1919 were also unusually warm, and 1982 and 1926 were the next coolest.
  • If you’re thinking that June was unusually wet, you’re right. This past month was the third wettest June in the last 116 years, at 160.2 mm. The wettest June was 2010, at 191.6 mm, and 2000 was second with 169.2 mm. 2013 and 2014 were also in the top 25 wettest list, so we’ve had a lot of rain lately in June. I guess it’s good for the crops.
  • The driest June, by far, was 1949, in which only 4.1 mm of rain fell; the next driest was 22.4 mm in 1959, so we’re talking really dry here. It stayed relatively dry in 1949 until July 9, in which 31.5 mm of rain fell, which made many farmers and gardeners happy.

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