Marcus Stroman, The Movie

I think that Marcus Stroman’s 2015 would make a great movie script.

Scene 1: Montage of footage of 2014 season, with voiceovers of random announcers. “Best young pitcher in baseball.” “He can throw five pitches for strikes!” “His future is unlimited!”

Scene 2: Spring training. Shots of the Florida sunshine, of young men in baseball uniforms having fun in the sun. Stroman is shown hanging out with Papa Buehrle and his best bud Aaron Sanchez and looking relaxed and confident. (Bonus shot: R. A. Dickey stealing Daniel Norris’s van.)

Scene 3: The fateful infield drill. Stroman runs to cover first, and the injury happens. Cue ominous music.

Scene 4: The doctor’s office. The bad news about the injury. “You’re going to miss the whole season, Marcus.”

Scene 5: The Moment Of Despair. This would likely be fictional: by all accounts, Stroman is an extremely positive person. The fictional Stroman would be comforted by some young actress with obvious box-office potential playing the part of his girlfriend.

Scene 6: The decision to both go back to school and undergo a demanding rehab schedule. Advice from Stroman’s fictional father or some other wise older person, played by a well-known actor with obvious box-office potential. “It’s going to take everything you’ve got, son, and maybe even a little bit more.”

Scene 7: Montage of early Blue Jays games, with plenty of footage of non-Stroman starters getting clobbered. (Felix Doubront could play himself in this role.) Announcer: “The Jays desperately need a top-rank starter if they hope to have any chance of competing in the AL East. If only Marcus Stroman were healthy.”

Scene 8: Montage of Stroman working out, going to classes, working out, going to classes. Think Gatorade commercial combined with The Paper Chase, and you’ll get the general idea.

Scene 9: Stroman in class, looking at his cellphone and making happy sounds. Angry professor demands why Stroman is disturbing the class. “Sorry, professor: we just traded for David Price!”

Scene 10: Scene in doctor’s office. “You’re making better progress than I ever thought was possible.” “Does this mean… that I could pitch this year?” The doctor’s eyes brighten: “If all goes well, you’ll be able to return in September. Now, if only the Blue Jays can hold on until you can join them.”

Scene 11: More montages. Footage of the Jays destroying the opposition in August. Footage of Stroman throwing more and more effectively off a mound, then striking out minor-league opponents in a rehab start.

Scene 12: The big moment. Stroman starts in the majors for the first time. The fans go crazy as he takes the mound for his warm-up pitches. After he completes the final warm-up pitch, he takes the ball. The opposing hitter steps into the box. There is a moment of silence.

Scene 12a: Stroman pitches. Strike! He pitches twice more. Strike two! Strike three! The crowd goes crazy again! In the stands, Stroman’s box-office potential actress girlfriend and box-office potential older male actor mentor give each other high fives and hugs. Cue uplifting music! Roll the credits!


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