Blue Jays 2015: Drew Hutchison

I keep staring at Hutchison’s home-road splits in fascination, as I didn’t think that this kind of extreme difference was possible.

  • On the road, Hutchison’s ERA was 9.83 in 13 starts; in 57.2 road innings, he gave up 95 hits and 14 home runs. Incredibly, he only lost three of those starts, as the Jays scored lots of runs for him. In Fenway Park, in particular, he was unimaginably horrible: in three starts, his ERA was 18.62, and he gave up a little over three and a half baserunners per inning.
  • At home, Hutchison had a 2.91 ERA, gave up only 84 hits in 92.2 innings, and was 11-2. Double that, and you’ve got a pitcher who would get some Cy Young votes.

He didn’t have this kind of extreme split last year: in 2014, his ERA was 4.73 at home, and 4.33 on the road. It could be random – every once in a while, if you flip 20 coins, 19 of them will come up heads – or there could be something going on. I don’t have the slightest idea what, but it can’t be good: he’s gone from being the Jays’ opening day starter in 2015 to being considered the #6 starter in the 2016 rotation.


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