Blue Jays 2015: Ben Revere

Ben Revere reminds me a lot of Shannon Stewart. Stewart had more power, was a little taller, and batted right, but they have several similarities:

  • They’re both exceptionally fast.
  • They both had enough speed to play center field, but have poor throwing arms and (from what I’ve read) don’t always take the best routes in the outfield, so they are best suited to playing in left.
  • They were both first-round picks: Revere was drafted 28th in 2007, and Stewart was drafted 19th in 1992.
  • Both men played for both Minnesota and Toronto.
  • They both just look like athletes. I suspect that they would have been successful in other sports if they had not chosen baseball. Compare them to, say, Prince Fielder.

(By the way, there are women named Shannon Stewart who are, respectively, a former Playboy centerfold, an America’s Next Top Model contestant, and a poet living in British Columbia. I suspect that everybody’s Twitter feeds are all rather confused.)

Revere is a good player – I enjoyed watching him – but he wasn’t a perfect fit in Toronto. This is because the Jays didn’t really need a leadoff hitter who could steal bases – they just needed somebody who could get on base so that one of the big boppers could drive him in. In 2015, Revere stole 24 bases in 96 games as a Phillie, or one in every four games. As a Blue Jay, Revere stole only 7 bases in 56 games, or exactly half as often. It wasn’t really surprising that the Jays shipped him for pitching in the off-season.


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