To the men and women who care

Here’s an ad from 1926 that I just love to pieces.


According to the text, man has conquered gravitation with the aeroplane, has annulled distances with the wireless, has plumbed the depths of the seas with [sic] submarine, and now has completely conquered all the diseases of the scalp and hair. W. T. Pember apparently discovered an acid 19 years ago that destroys hair, and has created a treatment to remove it. All hail Pember!

I did a Google search for W. T. Pember, and didn’t find much, but I did learn that he had been at his location on 129 Yonge Street for some time. He appears in the 1901 Toronto City Directory (on page 730), in which he listed himself as a “hair dealer, hair dresser, and scalp specialist”. (This would be six years before his discovery of the hair-killing acid.) I also found somebody who owns one of his old bottles. Sadly, his hair disease conquering discovery appears to have been lost to history.



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