Less is more

I could spend hours looking at old ads (and I sometimes have). Here is a Ford car ad from the Toronto 1921 city directory that was not afraid of blank space:


This ad was a header page for a section of ads by Ford dealers.

There really was a Ford, Ontario, though it was normally called Ford City – it was a Ford company town near Windsor that was an independent town until 1935.

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Ford’s Candies

Here’s another ad from the 1921 Toronto city directory:


Luncheons and afternoon teas sounds so very very British.

A Google search for “Ford’s Candies” turned up nothing, other than references to the late mayor Rob Ford handing out candy, or the actress Candy Ford.

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Nerlich & Co.

Here’s yet another ad from the 1921 Toronto city directory, since I enjoy them so much:


Here’s a close-up of the top of the building:


Did they really have a flag that read “Nerlich & C0.”?

There are lots of references to Nerlich & Co. on the Internet, since they used to manufacture postcards. They were around for a long time: there is a book commemorating the 50th anniversary of the company in 1908. They were at that location and producing catalogues as recently as 1955, but I have no idea what happened to them.

This site mentions that Nerlich & Co. moved to this location in 1901, but its writer doesn’t know what happened to them either. The Nerlich building still stands, though there appears to be nothing left of the lettering that used to be on the side of the building.

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Stop throwing away razor blades!

Here’s another ad from the 1921 Toronto city directory:


I love the very idea of Broughton’s Pink Stropping Dust. Sadly, Google turned up no additional information on Geo. H. Broughton or his wondrous dust. It is seemingly lost to history.

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The spur of the moment

Here’s an ad in the 1921 Toronto city directory, placed by Might Directories, the people who created the directory:


I wonder what training you needed to become an Addresser or Mailer. Did Might Directories have a reserve force of on-call Addressers and Mailers ready to spring to action and prepare thousands of pieces of mail on short notice?

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Somebody counted them

Here’s a section from the Toronto 1921 city directory that caught my attention:


The last sentence states that Toronto contains 1,802 streets and 121,311 buildings of all kinds. This means that somebody went through the city directory and counted the total number of buildings. Most boring summer job ever.

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Garbage bin

Near Church Street parking garage, March 2015.


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