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Billboard Top 10, January 27, 1996

After writing up my ill-informed opinions on today’s top chart songs, I thought:¬†why not listen to the top ten from twenty years ago? So I did. #1: One Sweet Day – Boys II Men & Mariah Carey As usual, I … Continue reading

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Variety Stars of the 1950s

This turned up in a random YouTube search: a clip of British variety artists of the 1950s. I was most impressed by the harmonica players with midget, and with the woman in the white dress who played the banjo at … Continue reading

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Billboard Top 10, January 30, 2016

I’m not really up on popular music these days. This is partly because I don’t like listening to the radio – too many commercials and annoying announcers. It’s partly because I can’t listen to streaming radio at work – not … Continue reading

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Full colour

Side of building on Laird Drive in Leaside.

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Lonely boots

Parking lot near Lillian Street. I wanted to try to get a better shot, but a car pulled up.

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David Bowie’s original pin ups

In 1973, David Bowie¬†released an album titled Pin Ups, which was a collection of cover versions of some of his favourite British hits of the 1960s. For fun, I thought I’d look up all of the originals. Some of them … Continue reading

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Houses of the Rising Sun

“The House Of The Rising Sun” is a traditional English folk ballad that may date as far back as the 16th century. It became famous when The Animals recorded it in 1964: I love this video, partly because it is … Continue reading

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