Politics as dentistry

It occurred to me recently that the current political situation feels like waiting for an appointment to get a whole lot of dental work done. It’s going to be painful and expensive, you’re going to have no control over what comes next, and you have to wait until an appointed time before anything happens.

I am assuming that it’s all going to be horrible, but we don’t know exactly what kind of horrible, other than that it will be different from the various forms of horrible that we have had in the past. It will be 21st century horrible, created in part by modern social media, technology, and/or hackers.

The big test, for me, is what the new United States administration does when one of its supporters, perhaps egged on by a Twitter feed, commits a major crime against a person. Will the administration condemn the crime and the supporter who committed it, or will it exult in its new-found power?


About davetill

I'm a writer and occasional web designer. I live in Toronto.
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